it’s THRILLING HEROICS:30, y’all

April 10, 2008

please excuse me while I flail

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Jane’s blog post entitled “How to Give Maris Hives, Alphabetized” contains the following passage of joy and wonder:

Once, years ago, I got my hand on a copy of the “Frasier” show bible, and it was a wonderful and meticulous document that was scrupulously maintained to reflect everything known about the characters and their history. If something was established on air — the name of Frasier’s mother, Niles’ favorite professor, Martin’s favorite bar, it was reflected in the bible which then served as a resource for the writers to keep everything consistent. I remember with particular delight a list of Maris’ food allergies that must have been fifty items long.

*promptly has multiple geekgasms*

In other comedy world news, Mitch Benn is in Las Vegas. I am not sure why this fact delights me so much, but it does.


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    Fraiser, I love Fraiser. I cried buckets in the last episode. Niiiiiles.

    Comment by annon-of-rhi — April 11, 2008 @ 11:16 am | Reply

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