it’s THRILLING HEROICS:30, y’all

April 12, 2008

good news, everyone! /Professor Farnsworth voice

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* My Family last night was good! When did Michael turn into a kinda hot emo boy? Gracious. Abbi and Roger were delightful, I still love Susan, and ahahaha “That means Nick’s the responsible one”! THE HORROR. Hee.

* Elijah Wood was the guest presenter on The Friday Night Project, and why did nobody tell me to watch this show before? Justin Lee Collins! Alan Carr! I love those guys! I want to take Justin home and pet his shiny pretty hair. I also rather enjoy their lack of personal space. I am just saying. Anyhoo, Elijah was good, the “el oh tee ar” stuff is getting pretty tired now, but oh dear god how badly do I need to see The Oxford Murders? Very, very badly, is your answer. It looks like Morse had babies with Kate Saunders’ Wild Young Bohemians, and I am very very excited.

* Jack Dee is going to write his memoirs! Oh, oh, I hope his dry wit radiates off the page. I love Jack Dee.


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  1. My Family! I love My Family! Haven’t seen it in a while, they keep changing the times it is on over here, so I never know when to watch. Good show though. I always thought Michael was cute, he’s the kind of slightly awkward geeky guy I like.

    Haha, I’ve only seen one FNP, the one with David Tennant from last year, but it does look like a show I would watch if I had regular access to it. (Their lack of personal space was my favourite bit!) (Except for David, of course.)

    Comment by annon-of-rhi — April 12, 2008 @ 4:42 pm | Reply

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