it’s THRILLING HEROICS:30, y’all

August 21, 2008

links to things

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Madina Lake have an Iron Maiden cover up on their myspace, and a) I LOVE THOSE PRECIOUS BOYS, and b) I really like this cover. Mmm, metal.

In a musical 180, Phil Collen playing Turn It Up acoustic! I am a huge, huge sucker for acoustic versions, Turn It Up is one of my favourite Man Raze songs, and basically there is no way I would not love this. ♥ (The video for the electric version is here. See up Phil’s nose! Woo?)

And in news that made me distress all over my breakfast, Stargate: Atlantis has been cancelled. There will be a series of TV movies much like the SG-1 straight to DVD ones, and. I — it just — WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME, SCIFI? ;____________________; RONON ;___________________;

To cheer myself up, can I talk for a second about how fricking adorable the Benns are? Because every single one of them is darling. *draws hearts*

Not a link, but — today, I discovered that even the name Meyer unconnected to (*pause for hiss*) Stephenie (*continue hissing*) makes my eye twitch.


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