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January 15, 2009

so hey, i should actually use this blog, yeah?

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The Boy in-person tagged me for this, and so! Here is my I-would-so-hit-that-mmmm list. There is only one man on it, because I am a giant queermo. And in a way it’s good that most female celebrities are skinnier than I go for, because if all the women on this list put on a stone or two and were nicely average I would not be able to be coherent. I might be trying to hump the screen. Or … something less creepy. Um. A couple of these pictures are NSFW, just to warn you.

15. Rick “Sav” Savage
He is so unutterably precious, willingly wears makeup (and looks like a sophisticated older woman when he does so), plays bass, had foofy hair in the 80s (WHAT I LOVE FOOFY HAIR) and generally looks like a girl. He is also from Yorkshire, and did I mention precious? Because he is precious. Also v v v hot, mmm yesplz. &Sav;

14. Valarie Rae Miller
She played Original Cindy in Dark Angel, it bugs her when straight actors make a big deal about playing gay characters and how it wasn’t a big deal at all for them (then why, she asks, are you talking about it?) and prior to her acting career she was a stand-up comedienne. She took a course in stand-up comedy. Did I mention also that she is smoking hot? Because *paws at*

13. Sandra McCoy
She is TINY and PRECIOUS and so bubbly and sweet and really gorgeous and can I steal her for my own, please? *sighsigh*

12. Cat Deeley
Oh, oh Cat. She is absolutely gorgeous, and totally unafraid to make a fool of herself on live national television. She’s really funny and lots of fun and really hot, mmmm.

11. Myleene Klass
She’s a classically-trained pianist who blends classical and pop; I much prefer when she goes straight classical, like her Toccata, but anyway: she is gorgeous and lovely and I want to cuddle her. *hearteyes*

10. Naoko Mori
I don’t watch Torchwood, but Tosh is precious, I know that much, and Naoko is adorable. And so, so gorgeous, gah. *paws at her*

9. Rachel Luttrell
Teyla is badass and awesome, and Rachel, oh man. She is full of snark and mischief and smiles and I love her lots and gah, she is so ridiculously hot *__*

8. Eliza Dushku
What can I say that isn’t keymashing? She’s stunning, she’s kickass, she’s got mad ice cream skillz, she encourages Joss to give her character lesbian scenes, I am so looking forward to Dollhouse, and just, &ELIZA;

7. Amanda Tapping
LOOK AT THAT SMILE. She is gorgeous and funny and mischievous and gorgeous ajkabjgb;bga;kgbjr;g

6. Morena Baccarin
I have reached the point in this list where I struggle for coherence. Just — just — she’s lovely and so beautiful and and *paws*

5. Freema Agyeman
Martha needs in my pants, like, yesterday. But Freema, oh Freema, she’s so adorable and beautiful and I heart her. *chinhands*

4. Jessica Alba
When she was regularly going to church (RCC), she had problems with its stance on homosexuality. That, right there, would be enough to make me love her if she hadn’t already won my heart by being generally adorable and so sweet and oh, did I mention beautiful? Because she’s beautiful. *gazes adoringly*

3. Evangeline Lilly
She swears like a sailor, climbs trees, looks for bugs, is both feminine and a tomboy at the same time, is staggeringly gorgeous and sweet and Canadian and and *PAWS AT*

2. Kim Smith
When she went on a photoshoot this one time when she was nineteen or so, she couldn’t decide which teddy to take with her so she took THEM ALL. She is so adorable I can hardly stand it, and omgsogorgeous, and why isn’t she my girlfriend? Tragic.

1. Geri Halliwell
I’ve had a crush on her since I was, what, thirteen? Possibly since I was twelve. One look at those big blue eyes and I just want to hold her and tell her she’s beautiful and do everything I can to make sure she’s never unhappy. I just, I just, I adore her and she’s so beautiful and and *drops chin to hands and gazes in adoration*

People who didn’t make this list, because the meme says fifteen: Miranda Otto, Kate Winslet, Delta Goodrem, Erika Toda, Halle Berry, and Amber Benson. And probably some more I’ve forgotten. In conclusion: I like women.


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