it’s THRILLING HEROICS:30, y’all

January 21, 2009

it is for balance. and also hugging.

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We has a kitty! Well, he’s not ours, he’s obviously well-fed and has a home, but he stands outside sometimes crying to be let in. He’s been here these past two evenings, in the warm getting pettings and exploring the flat. We named him King Oswald Pengvin, and he’s black-and-white, mostly white with what looks like black anime hair, black patches down his back and a black tail. He kneads the fuzzy throw on the bed in the weirdest way; folds himself in half, back arched steeply, kneading with both back and front paws. He does this without pause, moving slowly around, and if he sits down it’s not anywhere he’s spent the past ten minutes flattening. I sometimes wonder if his reasoning would drop 40% if he kneaded like normal cats. He purrs while flicking his tail (and hugs with it too), stares about with wide yellow eyes, and does not use cat language the way any cat I’ve ever known has. He does understand the signs for “You are welcome here”, “If you keep asking for food we’ll have to put you back outside in the cold”, and “Would you like pettings?”, and he says “Hi I like you” and “You may stroke me now” and “This is interesting” and “Mmm, warm and comfy” mostly like normal, but he simultaneously says other things that make no sense, like “I like you!” at the same time as “Puny rodent, you will be mine, MOO HA HA!” I find this difficulty to understand him rather distressing, to be honest, because that … sort of thing distresses me. I keep thinking he’s going to pee on my bed, because he keeps saying he’s about to pee on my bed, only what he means is either “I’m thinking about sitting down” or “Ooh, fuzzy”. He never goes still, oh my god, even Fangy goes still if you do. But he is precious omg and a kitty and so nuzzly and it’s adorable that he’s a bit mad. I hope his owners don’t mind him disappearing some evenings, when he’s round at ours. He might come round less often when it warms up and outside is full of interesting smells and places to explore, but I hope he decides to come over once in a while whenever. He is lovely, if difficult for me to get a handle on. ♥kitty♥


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